NGC Partners is an investment and asset management firm focused on the clean energy sector. NGC has a highly-qualified and multidisciplinary team, totally capable of carrying out projects of high technical and financial complexity, and supporting effectively the investment and divestment operations.


Investing in clean energy technologies (wind, solar, hydro).

Adjusting the investment to the investors requirements through ad-hoc projects or structured vehicles.

Comprehensive financial and technical know-how allows NGC to offer a full asset management.


■ Markets with assets under management.

■ Markets with opportunities identified.






NORAX GC is a regulated investment fund, SICAR, based in Luxembourg.

  • Focus on American countries, with core investment in USA and Mexico.
  • Norax target size ( USD +100m to USD 200m).
  • Total investment ≈USD 1.2b, (750 MW), (70% of debt included).
  • Co-investor entrance case by case  at ready-to-build:
  • 1/3 Norax (+100-200m. USD).
  • 2/3 Co-Inversores (+200 m.USD).
  • Multi-technology, mainly wind and solar assets.
  • Norax lifespan: 5 (+2) years.


Tier-1 partner, >20.000 MW built, Deep know-how in technical and construction activities.


Institutional Investors joint Norax such as: Fond-ICO Global public Fund of funds promoted by the Spanish Government. FIEX, an export fund managed by COFIDES.


At least 2 different clean energy technologies (wind and PV), 6 to 12 projects, >3 different countries.


Clean Energy assets, located in Americas, ≈ 750 MW, Projects with long term stable cash flows, mainly bases on PPAs.


Strict Project selection criteria, Investing a maximum 10-15% of the Fund in the development phase (late stage of development), High degree of diversification


Pedro Mielgo

Over 40 years of professional experience in the analysis of investment opportunities, strategic planning, business development, M&A, investor relations and private equity. Chairman and Counselor of different main energy companies in Europe.

Juan José González

Over 20 years of professional experience, in the corporate development, fundraising and M&A in the industrial, IT and energy sectors. He led the funding for a €1,500 m project and an over €400m operation with important risk capital companies.

Javier Abad

Over 25 years of professional experience, implementing business strategies and finance planning with investors and financial institutions has enabled him to carry out important transactions in the industrial and service sectors

Benita Ferrero

Over 21 years of professional experience in the private and public sectors, where she held relevant positions as head of protocol at the General Secretary of the United Nations, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Commissioner at the European Union.

Eduardo Serra

Over 37 years of professional experience holding relevant positions in many companies such as Peugeot, Vodafone, Everis, UBS España & Deutsche Bank España. He also participated as politician in Spain and as the Minister of Defense in Spain.

Al Samper

Over 50 years of professional experience holding relevant positions as an Advisory Board member of Ilumno Foundatio (CERN). Director at Wachovia Securities specialized in the investment of municipal bond issues and Deputy State Treasurer in Virginia.

Luis Ares

Over 20 years of professional experience in the energy sector. More than 7 GW of wind and PV projects build around the world, (including USA, Mexico, and LATAM). He participated as COO & Head of Construction in GES (Gamesa Ingeniería spin off).

Dominique Audia

Over 25 years of professional experience, as a member of Board of Directors in non-regulated and regulated investment entities and holding responsible and relevant positions in an international financial entity and .


Norax Green Capital

Target: Construction and Operation of clean energy assets in Americas.

SPV: SICAR, regulated investment vehicle.

  • ✓ incorporated in 2017
  • □ fundraising  in process
  • □ Investment in process

Nereo GreenCapital

Target: Development of wind energy assets in USA and Europe.

SPV: SICAR, regulated investment vehicle.

  • ✓ incorporated in 2011
  • ✓  fundraised
  • ✓  Invested

BAS FV Italia

Target: Development of Photovoltaic projects in Italy.

SPV: Ad-hoc investment Vehicle.

  • ✓ incorporated in 2010
  • ✓  fundraised
  • ✓  Invested

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